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Calendar - Term 3

January - March

​A Japanese New Year celebration with the tradition of pounding glutinous rice (sticky rice), playing with traditional toys and listening to Japanese folktales. Students get to enjoy Omochi (pounded glutinous rice) prepared by parents of the panda class at lunchtime.

Individual and class photos.

​Students learn about the Chinese New Year, see an exciting presentation of the traditional lion dance, dress up in costumes and dance to Chinese music.

Cleansing tradition to start a fresh new season by scattering beans to drive away evil spirits and enjoy eating Ehomaki. 

This is the final school excursion for the Panda class.

To celebrate fertility and new life, students search for eggs (the symbol) on the playground.

A Thai New Year celebration, where many parts of the tradition often relate to water use as a means of refreshment since this festival is always in summer.  

This event honours the Panda students' school memories and their achievements.  

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