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Your Child is in Great Hands

Kirakira - Philosophy


At Kirakira Kids, we are committed to providing a nurturing bilingual learning environment in Japanese and English. Our curriculum and pedagogy, the facilities and the classroom setting, the competent staff and the teachers, along with our professional leadership ensure quality education and care for our students. We believe that children learn best through active involvement with the environment and therefore, we are constantly making an effort to design the environment suitable for the “Developmentally Appropriate Practices” (DAP) that support the child’s cognitive-, cultural-, emotional-, language-, physical-, and social development. We also believe that children can naturally navigate a bilingual environment by acquiring a second language early in life in order for the brain to learn multiple other languages later on and as a result display more positive attitudes towards the culture associated with the language. This opens up a world of opportunities for them in the future. 


Our establishment is surrounded by greeneries and is set up with child-friendly playground equipment,

RESPONSIVE to the needs of children as well as to the FLEXIBILITY of the educators.

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