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  • Which documents do I need for the enrollment of my child?
    Passport copy Work permit 2x photos (3.5x4.5) of each the father, the mother and the child 1x family photo
  • Can you enroll a child in the kindergarten if, both the parents are not Japanese?
    No, one of the parents must at least be a Japanese, if not both.
  • Does the kindergarten provide Day Care?
  • Does the kindergarten have school buses?
    Yes. However, we only transport students in the following areas: Sukhumvit 23-63 and 22-42.
  • Is it possible for the parents that are interested in the kindergarten to visit and have a tour? What do they need to do?
    Yes, they will need to fill in a request-form and send it to the kindergarten via E-mail. They will also be required to speak with the Principle (Chie Sensei) through Skype to arrange an appointment as she will be taking them on a tour around the kindergarten personally.
  • How many semesters (terms) does the kindergarten have in a year?
  • How much is the tuition per year?
    Please contact the kindergarten after which you will receive the information regarding the tuition through E-mail.
  • How many students do you have?
    We have 4 grades with each class divided into two classes (A/B) and with no more than 40 students per class.
  • Do you provide additional food for students with allergies?
  • Does the kindergarten have a swimming pool?
    Yes, we have one smaller pool for the younger students from the Hiyoko class and another bigger pool for the older students from the Ahiru-Panda classes.
  • How many teachers are in each class?
    Each class has 1 Japanese teacher and 2-3 English teachers.



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