KiraKiraKids’ interactive English Saturday Class is a 1 hour and 30 minutes class of focused exercises for reading with comprehension, writing, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, speaking as well as listening to English. It is designed for Grade 1-Grade 6 students.

It is available at three levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. A diagnostic test will be given to identify the student’s level. Students will be grouped according to their ability. If the student improves, he/she can go to another level.


Level 1: Basic

  • Identify and write the alphabet letters with their corresponding sounds.
  • Read and spell simple phrases and CVC words.
  • Expand vocabularies
  • Practice the basic grammar structures
  • Communicate with friends using phrases

Level 2: Intermediate

  • Read and retell simple stories
  • Spell and write words and simple sentences.
  • Expand vocabularies
  • Understand the basic grammar structures
  • Communicate with friends using phrases and sentences

Level 3: Advanced

  • Read and answer questions from a story.
  • Spell and write words and simple sentences.
  • Expand vocabularies
  • Understand a solid foundation of basic grammar structures
  • Communicate with friends with confidence using phrases and sentences in both spoken and written English.
Date Schedule: May , June , Jul , Aug 7
Time Schedule: 9:00 AM- 10:30 AM
Number of students: Minimum: 5
Class: Grade 1-Grade 6
Level: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced

Interactive English Saturday Class

Date / Saturday (9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.) Class Participations / Grade 1-6

*The school may combine students in one class depending on enrollment.

3 学期土曜英語教室お申込み案内 

キラキラ KIDS の土曜英語教室は小学1年生から 6 年生の希望者を対象に英語での課外授業を行います。豊かな語彙力と確かな文法理解を身につけ、話す聞く書く読むの4技能をのばしていきます。


2021 年度 1 学期の開催日程 (SY 2021 Term-1 Schedule) 回数 (Time) 合計 (Total)
5月 (May) 4 13
6月 (June) 4
7月 (Jul) 4
8月 (Aug) 7 1
費用 (Fees) 備考 (Remark)
参加費 (Tuition Fee) 650B (1 time)

*バスご利用が可能になりました(希望者のみ)往復 195B / 片道 98B

テキスト代 (English Book) 2,200B (1year)


*only one-time trial
If you are interested, please inform the office 4 days before your target schedule. 02-381-5417

お申込みについて(在園児及びその兄弟関係) Kirakira Students and Siblings お申込みについて(外部生) Outsiders
お申込み方法 (Enrolment Procedure)
  • Fill the Application Form.
  • Submit it to the office.
  • Pay the Saturday Class invoice issued by the school in the bank.
  • Fill the Application Form.
  • Submit it to the office by E-mail.
  • Pay the Saturday Class invoice issued by the school in the bank.
お支払い方法 (Method of Payment)
  • Pay by bank  (No Credit card / Debit card)
*If you fail to pay at the end of the payment period, your reservation will be cancelled.


*First time to enroll: (Outsider) – Copy of Passport (Parents and Student with photo pages) and insurance and two photos (for parents and student)



  1. If your child will enroll in the middle of the program, you will start paying the fee (Tuition, English book) on the first day of attendance plus the rest of the fees.
  2. As long as the class is not yet full, the school will accept enrollees anytime except on the last 2 meetings of the period that is, in August, December and March.
  3. Any student who has already attended the program, then decide to withdraw for any reason, the NO REFUND policy will apply.Should the school cancel a class due to unprecedented events, the school will refund the fee for that cancelled session.
  4. If your child cannot attend the Interactive Class, the school will refund your money if you call the office 3 days before the Interactive Class Starts.The original receipt is needed to receive the refund.
  5. If you will be late for pick up time, payment for extended service hour will be occurred. (50B for each 30 min.)
  1. お申し込みは学期毎になります。学期の途中からの参加も可能ですが、開始される日からその学期最後の開催日までの分をお支払いください。
  2. 学期の途中からでも空きがある場合はご参加できますが 8,12,3 月は学期最後の月になりカリキュラムの進行状況によっては参加をお断りする場合があります。
  3. 一度参加を開始した後は、園の都合による休園の場合を除き、退園、自己都合による欠席、退会についての保育料、バス代、給食代、傷害保険、英語教本代の返金はできません。また、事前に参加できないことがわかっている場合でもその分を差し引いてのお申し込みはできません。
  4. お申し込み後のキャンセル、開始日の変更は課外活動開始日の3日前(土日除く)までに申請して頂ければ返金が可能です。返金には必ず園発行の領収書原本が必要になります。領収書を配布後何らかの理由で返金が生じた場合、領収書原本を提出して頂きますので、園からお渡しする領収書は必ずお手元に保管頂きますようお願い致します。なお、原本を紛失した場合はご返金することができませんのでご了承ください。
  5. 送迎バスは一度お申込みいただいた後は学期の途中で解約することはできませんのでご注意ください。個人の都合によるバスルート・到着時間のアレンジはできません。バス・自己送迎いずれの場合でも規定のお迎え時間に遅れた場合は延長料金がかかります。(30分毎に50バーツ)

お問合せ先:キラキラ KIDS 幼稚園 02-381-5417 kirakirakidsth@gmail.com

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Interactive English Saturday Class 申込案内(1学期)

Interactive English Saturday Class 申込用紙(1学期)



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